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Fasting, Natural Diet and Right Living

     All our programs can be practiced by you at home for free if you have the will power and the knowledge to begin. However, we do provide a residential opportunity to learn or to simply get away from your current environment for a wholesome change or retreat or holiday. We require that you read and agree to our affirmation of responsibility at: 
     Although all our programs provide for rejuvenation and detoxification, in order to accelerate the process, we recommend fasting as the most natural healing approach. Fasting is a surprisingly easy way to initiate rapid healthy weight loss as well as a restoration of the health process in one's whole being. In addition, it will also benefit a broad array of other health issues. All that is required is simple discipline and a onepointedness of mind- a determination to become healthy for the rest of your life.
     When one's body is given the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate it will heal through its own natural healing process and miracles can occur. A sensible program will include reasonable exercise, fresh air, sunshine, comfortable clothing, rest and wholesome companionship. Fasting is the best way to restore the health processes. Fasting is an excellent way to overcome all addictions and to detoxify every cell and gland in the body from years of abuse, neglect or wrong eating habits. 
     Habit is the strongest force of nature and for very good reason. Habit helps us survive but it is all too often unconscious. When habits are unhealthy they rule us and take away our freedom. We become addicted to food, alcohol, tobacco or drugs as well as other insidious psychological habits of dysfunctional behavior and co-dependency.
     Fasting is the most dramatic and “fastest” way to eliminate bad habits and rejuvenate your system. It begins immediately to correct and balance the entire biological system as well as create an almost instant psychological and spiritual sense of well being. In not more than 5 days, any individual with the will power to persevere in right living and right diet can realize profound and unmistakable progress that is unquestionably noticed and enjoyed.
     By creating new healthy habits we create a new lifestyle which is free of disease and discomfort. We begin to enjoy vibrant health in as few as 3 to 5 days. Fasting is a natural process, and has taken place since antiquity and is promoted by all religions as a pathway spiritual enlightenment and personal health. Fasting can become a  regular part of your yearly health plan and it should be.
     Your Natural Health food program should include a variety of fresh organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains. An ideal natural hygiene lifestyle should include 80% raw fruits and vegetable in the form of wholesome salads and fresh fruits. You are encouraged to start your own organic garden even if only in planter boxes if you live in an apartment and to buy only organic produce.
     Three Pioneers in the health field are noteworthy of mention. Dr. Herbert Shelton's Natural Hygiene protocol, recommends that eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains provides maximum dietary health and well being. Dr. Shelton supervised over 30,000 fasting cases and we recommend his book Fasting Can Save Your Life.

Dr. Rudolf Breuss wrote in his book "The Breuss Cancer Cure" that cancer can only live on solid food. He advocated a 43 day fast on only pulp free juice. He did not know about Norman Walker so he strained his juices. For information about the Breuss cancer cure go to this link.
     Dr. Norman Walker is the foremost pioneer of raw vegetable and fruit juicing and the inventor of the Norwalk juicer which creates 100% pure pulp free juice through a two step process. One first makes vegetable pulp which should contain at least 25% carrots and the rest whatever organic greens and produce you can gather or buy. This pulp is mixed and then squeezed through nylon food grade sail cloth. This method seems more labor intensive to most people who prefer a faster juicing process; however it produces from 30% to 50% more juice than ordinary centrifugal juicers and it is pulp free. Dr. Walker states that since pesticides and toxins cling to pulp it is necessary to make pulp free juice if one is to speed up the healing process. Norman Walkers books on juicing and diet are classics in the health field.

For more information on the Norwalk juicer go to this web page:

     Our programs at Whole Health Foundation can get you started and pointed in the right direction at the lowest cost possible. 

For more fasting information by Dr. Herbert Shelton who founded the Natural Hygiene movement go to this link:

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