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A Holistic LEARNING Opportunity
* * Before you buy a new model 280 Norwalk juicer read this 280 model review

Norwalk Juicer repair, service and sales offered + Anti Aging products
Click here to read what buyers of my Improved Norwalk juicers say

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YOUR juicer call 760=753=0321

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and for free Norwalk juicer Instruction videos or Anti Aging information

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my large batch juice making method

Call 760-753-0321 for questions and information

For availability and prices of refurbished juicers
call William at 760-753-0321
* All sales final so do your research before you buy. Any buy back requires a 25% re-stocking and inspection fee.
 Click here to see how to make greens only juice the WRONG WAY
To see the CORRECT WAY to make greens only juice click here
* Click here for an article on The EVOLUTION of the NORWALK JUICER
** Click here for a video showing the IMPROVEMENTS and extra supplies on all my juicers

Click here for Detailed info on the Anti-aging Super Food

Click now to enroll as a distributor or place an order for the Anti Aging supplement Protandim
What is Protandim? Click here.
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Is Anti Aging a scam? Click here for the truth.
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(* Scroll down for more information on Norwalk Juicers, fasting and health) Norwalk
Whole Health Foundation we buy, repair, refurbish and sell all Norwalk juicer models
We are an independent service center.
Norwalk Sales does not authorize anyone to represent them.
For information about NEW production model juicers go to the Norwalk juicers site.

Click here for my Fountain of Youth Anti Aging Power juice formula

Click photos below to see videos of the WHF and Norwalk juicers in action
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The left video shows the Premium WHF juicer        Right shows added value coming with all juicers

***We also sell PARTS AND SUPPLIES: highest quality motor bearings and seals, 
Custom made Quality hydraulic return springs, O ring kits, juicing cloths, powder free non latex gloves, our exclusive WHF instruction DVD, a Repair DVD, and affordable advice and consulting
Whatever you need for your Norwalk juicer I can help you do it yourself or do it for you.

To view a video making large quantities of juice with 6 cloths click here
To view a YouTube video of one of our refurbished juicers click here
To view one of our New and IMPROVED models click here

For information on the evolution of the Norwalk juicer click here

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Discover the benefits of wholesome, organic, living
Whole Health Foundation provides the living space only
and the food preparation equipment and organic garden
for people who can care for themselves
Only you can Eliminate addictions
Enjoy wholesome holistic or vegetarian living and fasting on whole, raw, organic juices.
Enjoy companionship with like-minded people like you who are dedicated
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"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

Fresh juices right from our organic garden will revitalize and energize your body, mind and soul.

Tuition and rent reductions are available to those who qualify and choose to work and weed in the garden or contribute other help. Experience the joy of making a contribution in the clean fresh outdoor sunshine.

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