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Endorsements for
On Creating A Community

“On Creating A Community  is a clear voice-- a beacon showing the way and a fog horn  alerting us to the pitfalls when creating a  community experience. Now I understand the  truth about  community as a living organism.”

 Marilyn Harder, Ph.D. Founder and
 President, Conscious Realities Institute

“William Polowniak’s work with trust and community-making is one of the clearest examples I know of putting humanistic values to work. Every person who participates becomes a seed to carry trust and community into the world. This is an exciting opportunity to transform your experience of community and at the same time benefit  AHP.  Please spread the word!” 

  Ann Weiser Cornell, AHP President 1994-1995

“William has captured something very special in this important book. On Creating A Community shows us that Trust Level Theory is an important key to creating harmony, understanding and productivity. I was in a number of the High Trust Community workshops and found them very helpful. High Trust workshops make a real difference in the people they touch. William’s book explains how to apply methods for creating higher trust anywhere. He shows us how easy it really is. This book is inspirational.”

  Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D.
  Co-author of The One Minute Manager 

“I found On Creating A Community immediately useful. I was so inspired by the trust-building exercises that I tried some of them to begin the Celebration of Community conference in Olympia, Washington. The book offers simple-to-follow steps on how any group—without the assistance of “experts”—can develop a vivid sense of community, measurably enhancing the depth and quality of connections and trust within the group. ”

 Laird Schaub, Editor, Communities Magazine
 Secretary, Fellowship for Intentional Community

“The equation is simple: if all parties followed William Polowniak’s guidance, the world would be a much better place in which to live.”

  George Leonard,
  Author of Mastery and the Silent Pulse and The Transformation

“Twenty years ago, while in a Trust Community experience, I remember Jack Gibb saying, ‘In the future this is what General Motors will look like, a self-organized community.’ In recent work with General Motors and others creating self-managed work teams, it is clear how right he was. I am grateful to William Polowniak for keeping the vision alive in his book and reminding us all of the importance of Trust and Community.”

 Barry Johnson, Ph.D.
 Author of Polarity Manageme

“There are few places on our planet where a person feels safety, or feels trust to the other human being and can develop more freely, creativity. And Russia doesn’t make exception. Community organization where the people are opened and free and trust each other is a very difficult and generous task. But it is a high aim of William Polowniak which attracts minds and hearts of many people in this book. It is the fact which will further its achievement. It’s not a task for a single person. Only common efforts of people from different countries make it easier.”

  Evgeniy S. Kreslavskiy, M.D., 
  Director, Harmony Institute for Psychotherapy and Counseling, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  President, Russian Humanistic Psychology Association.

“With the escalation of violence arising out of increasing alienation in world cultures this book is a timely and valuable explication of some very basic principles for building a more cohesive society. I was a part of several alternative and innovative programs in the St. Paul schools which experimented with the principles of Trust Level Theory. We need to continue to explore avenues that will ‘bring us together again.’ William’s book, On Creating A Community, describes the trust processes which offer a very powerful approach to bridging our diversity. Any relationship, group or organization could gain greatly from applying these concepts.”

  Scott C. Schuck, Group Interaction Specialist
  St Paul Schools (Retired)

“Jack Gibb’s work has always represented a degree of sensitivity rarely found in substantial theoretical and practical contributions to this field. This sensitivity is a direct reflection of Jack’s personal humanity and easy, friendly generosity. It is a noble and vital contribution to continue and expand this basic work, especially relevant for the world as it is today. Dr. Polowniak, a colleague of Gibb, has produced a thorough, conscientious and thoughtful book, certain to stimulate more applications of this crucial approach. I recommend it to you for your reading and reflection.”

  Will Schutz, Ph.D.
  Author of The Human Element: Productivity, Self-esteem and the Bottom Line

“No foreman is good enough to supervise a motivated worker. For the most part, work is not an exciting thing. Work that’s boring produces alienated, non-productive, turned-off workers. If people are happy in their work, you get better productivity and a better product because people have an interest in what they are doing. Companies should and must make a profit, but the work should also be fun whenever possible. Managing with trust creates a community spirit that can help to humanize the work place. It is a matter of pulling people along and not pushing them. On Creating A Community describes important ideas that can help anyone create a community spirit and increase productivity anywhere.”

  Donald C. Hoodes, Chairman of the Board, Palatek Corporation
 Founder & Former Chairman, Sullair Corporation

“I find myself drawn to Trust Level Theory in my life and work. Trust Community meetings are good for me. My first community weekend in the 70’s changed my life and I know how powerful a trusting community can be. At a recent Academy of Management conference I heard many leading thinkers in the field of management say ‘Trust is the key variable in organizational effectiveness.’ It feels to me like the world is beginning to wake up to this truth and many people are living it. On Creating A Community helps us learn how to create community. I have created a sense of community for myself where I live and work.”

 Judith A. Neal, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management 
 University of New Haven

“Trust is the key variable in personal effectiveness and organizational productivity. On Creating A Community presents a reader friendly description of Trust Level Theory in easy to understand language. This well written book is a valuable guide for the individual, the business manager, the family group or for group leaders. William provides helpful tips, practical guidelines and proven methods for the application of Trust Level Theory as well as examples of failure to apply trust and reasons why.”

  Jack Gibb, Ph.D., Founder of Trust Level Theory
  Author of Trust

“Trust is the key to effective communication. Trust is not always easy to find or create. Without trust communication is only talk with very little in-depth meaning. It requires commitment and persistence to build a strong foundation of trust in relationships. In 1991 I attended the Santa Cruz High Trust Community 5-day experience. It was my second experience with a community deliberately convened to create higher trust. Trust communities help me to remember how important trust and community are to the communication process. For me, it was a healing and rejuvenating experience filled with love and acceptance.  I was able to rediscover my deepest inner self. I feel inspired to create trust and community everywhere.”

 Mary J. Rudd, Associate Professor of Communication, Lees College

“On Creating A Community is a useful expansion of  Trust Level Theory. Learning how to create a loving, trusting community that values diversity and wholeness cannot be overstated. William’s book will be useful to anyone who wants to explore and discover a greater sense of community in their home or business.”

 Marilyn Waller, Organization Consultant/Trainer, Vancouver, Canada

“In a society which speaks often of independence which is glorified, and codependence which is abhorred, not enough is said about interdependence, trust and openness. These are the qualities which make healthy interactions within groups of people possible. Our collaboratively derived theory about community has developed out of many Trust Community experiences and study groups with Jack Gibb and our other associates over the years. As a long time participant in many Trust Communities it is a pleasure to see that William Polowniak has written this important book about Trust Level Theory. On Creating A Community carries our work on community with Jack Gibb and our other associates forward in a way that anyone can understand and use.”

 Deane Brown,  Ph.D., Psychotherapist
 Capitola, California

“On Creating A Community is an important book. It will have wide impact and serve as a guide for international peace. It has been placed in the Documentation Center of the Division of Human Rights, Democracy and Peace at the disposal of
all interested people. Congratulations for your actions in favor of peace and solidarity.
      Francine Fournier
      Assistant Director-General, UNESCO

 “I appreciate your contribution toward  the goal of promoting world peace through effective management 
and leadership.”

                    General John M. Shalikashvili, 
     Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
         The Pentagon, USA

 “On behalf of the president of Poland,  I wish to thank you for your book. I congratulate you on the interesting insights which, I believe, would help political or business leaders to establish more correct, peaceful relationships. 

 Janusz Ziolkowski, 
    Minister of State, Poland

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